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My Reaction free essay sample

This epic was composed to remind us the awful things that Jose Rizal experienced during his time by the Spanish. From the very beginning of this novel, the principal plan of ourâ national legend is, toâ write this novel with the assistance of his comrade that is likewise enduring to the hands of the Spanish, yet out of nowhere he neglected to do it with the assistance of his kinsman, since his compatriot lose their expectation in satisfying their fantasies to have opportunity in the possession of the Spanish settlements. Jose Rizal didn't surrender, since he proceed compose this novel without the assistance of his comrade, and he chose to compose it without anyone else only.The first section of this novel was entitled  µÃ¢ ¶the paging⠶â ¶, where in, in this part expressed the way of life of Don Santiago de los Santos otherwise called Capitan Tiago, he was from Binondo and he was the progression father of Maria Clara as indicated by this section. We will compose a custom exposition test on My Reaction or then again any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page In this section, different characters was Padre sibyla, Padre Damaso, and Tangent Guevarra. As per this part, Capitan tiago welcomed the said characters to go to his home and have asimple gathering, yet out of nowhere it went to a battle between Padre Damaso and Tenyente Guevaraâ because of the ereheng namatay.It outlines the spoiled arrangement of administration, the unlawful methods of the congregation and the unfavorabletradeâ of the benefit class. The Noli additionally relates how the administration, the congregation and the benefit class control the individuals. The administration denies the young ofâ educationâ and how they utilize the people groups obliviousness for their potential benefit. The slippery ministers by methods for God and confidence controlled the individuals. Making them fakers of numerous types. Then again, the benefit class utilized their world class status to advance beyond everyone, by snare or by hoodlum utilizing the me first disposition. In the Noli, the feeble and dispossed apparently lose trust coming about to sad passings (as the case Pilisopo Tasyo) and now and then madness. (as the instance of Sisa)Hence the mistreated shaped a fraternity that would like to free the nation by utilization of power. Without much of any result, because of disruption and absence of arms, every single endeavor at opposition fizzled. In Noli, the character of Juan Crisostomo Ibarra was presented, a keen and promising youngster who has high any desires for changing the course of the nation.

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Zaire and Vietnam - Countries in Turmoil essays

Zaire and Vietnam - Countries in Turmoil expositions Zaire and Vietnam Countries in Turmoil After, previously, and during the Vietnam War, America has attempted to push vote based system, or if nothing else vote based thoughts, onto different nations. In Africa, Zaire was a nation that was vigorously impacted by the ethics of the U.S. a steady government and an avaricious, free enterprise economy, scarcely held set up, gratitude to its fares. As per students of history, America followed through with their proposition of international strategy a stalemate type of monetary and popularity based help - in spite of the fact that it was up to the nation whether to utilize this goad the correct way viably. The U.S., during the hour of the Cold War, felt that anybody against socialism was a companion, and in this way advanced Zaire and its pioneers, in any event incidentally. During the vast majority of the twentieth Century, Zaire (at that point called The Republic of the Congo) was controlled by Joseph Dsir (Mobutu Sese Seko), a degenerate chief who held onto the force for about 30 years, until he was later toppled. The U.S. impact here was noticeable, in that the nation picked up autonomy from Belgium in the mid-1960s. After Zaire got this autonomy from Belgium, it encountered five years of political pandemonium. In 1965, armed force head of staff (Mobutu) got his capacity from an upset. For almost 32 years Mobutu ran a degenerate, undemocratic organization, moving his capacity in the official branch and preferring the individuals who were faithful to him. His gathering, the Popular Movement for the Revolution (MPR), turned into the main legitimate ideological group, and dissidents w ere dealt with. In May of 1997, the dissidents drove by Laurent Kabila won control back over the nation and ousted Mobutu. Kabila suspended the constitution and announced himself president. This shows none of the fair goals which the U.S. professed to have put upon its nations in international strategy. Be that as it may, Zaire was misruled by ... <!

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Nebraska legislature advances new rules for payday loans - Inside Subprime 4

Nebraska legislature advances new rules for payday loans - Inside Subprime 4/13/18 Nebraska legislature advances new rules for payday loans Nebraska legislature advances new rules for payday loansInside Subprime: April 13, 2018By Kerry ReidOver a year after it was first proposed, a bill that would add regulations to payday loan operations in Nebraska has advanced â€" with significant changes  â€" in the Nebraska Legislature.Nebraska is the only state in the United States that has a unicameral state legislature. It is also officially nonpartisan, and with 49 members â€" all senators  â€" it is also the smallest state legislative body in the nation.  In January of 2017, Sen. Tony Vargas of Omaha introduced LB194, which was designed to change provisions of the states Credit Services Organization Act, Delayed Deposit Services Act and the Nebraska Installment Loan Act.On Friday, April 6, Vargas’ original language was replaced by an amendment from the Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee, adopted in a vote of 47-0.This amended version requires full written notice to a borrower, including name of the borrower, transactio n date and amount, payment due date and total payment due and the total fees on the transaction, both in actual dollars and as the annual percentage rate, or APR.Also called a delayed deposit loan, payday loans typically  target  consumers with poor credit, who are caught in short-term cash flow problems. However, payday loan borrowers can find themselves caught in a  debt trap as interest rates and associated fees spiral upward and new loans are added to the total. In an article for the Omaha World-Herald published February 23, 2017, reporter Cole Epley recounted the problems of one such borrower. Nebraska resident Glenda Wood testified to the committee that an initial loan of $500 for new tires in 2006 ended up costing an estimated $10,000 by the time the cycle of borrowing (compounded by home repair and medical expenses) ended.With delayed deposit loans, a borrower submits a personal check for the loan amount, which is then held and cashed by the lender at the end of the loan per iod  â€" usually 34 days.The original bill from Vargas would have limited the interest charged on these loans to 36 percent, but that language was eliminated in the amended version,  though requirements that lenders avoid misleading advertising, such as promising to erase bad credit, did make it into the amended version.In an article posted by Nebraska.TV, Vargas said payday lenders in Nebraska currently charge more than 400 percent interest. He said of the amended bill “This doesn’t reform payday lending [as amended], but it increases the information and notifications regarding payday loans given to consumers.”Other requirements of the amended bill include limiting the total cost of a transaction to $500; allowing borrowers to rescind a transaction before the end of the next business day; and allowing the right to rescind authorization for electronic payments. Additionally, borrowers who are on active military duty or their spouses and dependents cannot be charged fees in exc ess of those allowed under federal law. Borrowers can also request an extended payment plan once in a 12-month period, and lenders must accept prepayment of a loan before the term without penalty.Opponents of the original legislation from the payday loan industry cautioned over a year ago, as reported by Epley, that increased restrictions could close operations in areas where consumers depend on these loans for short-term emergency needs. Brad Hill of the Nebraska Financial Services Association noted that after regulatory legislation passed in Colorado in 2010, two-thirds of the storefront payday loan operations went out of business.The bill now awaits a final vote from the Nebraska Legislature. There have been no reports on where Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, a Republican, stands on the amended bill.To learn more about short-term subprime loans, check out these related pages and articles from OppLoans:Bad Credit Loans: A Dangerous GameWhy No Credit Check Loans  Are a RiskEveryth ing You Need to Know About a Cash AdvanceVisit OppLoans on  YouTube  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  LinkedIn

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Different Gait Abnormalities - 1906 Words

Initially survey of many patients with different gait abnormalities was done by which we found that there were different types of gaits. The patients were affected in different parts of the body and were a part of gait analysis known by different names. The present and the existing devices were also studied and was found that these devices provided analog output. Analog signals had distortion which creates a loss of signals and it is able to recover the attenuated signals. These were the disadvantages which were taken as the objectives of the project. Hence, we decided to go for a digital output to provide accurately and quantify the output. The existing way of treating the patients was very costly and the results need to the processed by using video camera etc. The cost of the device was high which was not affordable by all people. Hence, there was a need to develop the portable device which helps in measuring gait parameters by digital sensors and provide assistance in taking the v alue of these parameters and helps the doctors to treat the patients. A. Block Diagram of Gait analysis Fig.3: Block diagram of shoe integrated gait analysis using IOT. Fig.3 shows the overall work that is done in this project. The sensors are used to measure gait parameters. The ultrasonic sensor is used to measure the distance between 2 steps. Flex sensor is a resistive sensor used to measure foot angle and micro switch measures step count.Show MoreRelatedMuscular Contributions And Hip And Knee Extension During The Single Limb Stance Phase Of Normal Gait1981 Words   |  8 PagesThe article â€Å"Muscular contributions to hip and knee extension during the single limb stance phase of normal gait: a Theoretical Framework for Crouch Gait† by Allison Arnold, Frank Anderson, Marcus Pandy, and Scott Delp investigates the biomechanics of normal gait in hopes to uncover ideas to help determine treatments for crouch gait. Crouch gait is a bothersome abnormality that affects the gait pattern of people who suffer from the condition of cerebral palsy. It’s characterized by excessive flexionRead MoreA Brief Note On Children With Down s Syndrome1627 Words   |  7 Pagesone of the chromosomes may be missing or an extra copy of a chromosome forms. When this happens, it results in a multitude of genetic abnormalities. These abnormalities are classified as syndromes. (, 2016) Downs Syndrome (Trisomy 21) is a genetic disorder caused by a third copy of chromosome 21. (Park 625 – 627, 2014) There are three different types of Down’s Syndrome; Trisomy 21, the most common form of Down’s Syndrome, where an extra copy of chromosome 21 exists in every cellRead MoreA Wide Array Of Risk Factors For Risk Among Older Client With Type 2 Diabetes936 Words   |  4 Pagesof medications, poorer walking performance, and reduced cognitive function, are mediators of falls in diabetics. Since peripheral neuropathy is seen in most diabetic client this may exhibit greater postural sway in standing or a slower than average gait velocity, and it could lead to fall. Orthostatic hypotension (OH) is a risk factor for falls in diabetic client, and interventions to decrease the severity and frequency of OH significantly reduce the incidence of falls. Some client with diabetes hasRead MoreA Research Study On Hernia Operations Essay1749 Words   |  7 PagesDesarda group. Unlike the trial performed by Szopinski et al, (16) we had no generalized weakness of the newly reconstructed posterior wall of the inguinal canal mostly due to exclusion of patients with weak, stretched or thin EOA. The influence of different surgical techniques on chronic groin pain after hernia surgery remains unclear. The cause of such pain is still obscure; however, several risk factors have been identified, such as recurrence, patient’s age and resection of the cremasteric muscleRead MoreThe Health Impacts And Costs Of Falling On Older Adults1416 Words   |  6 PagesFalls are the most frequent and devastating accidents in older adult (WHO, 2004). There are different interpretations related to falls. For instance, according to healthcare professions fall is an event leading to ill health and injuries, whereas older adults define it as a loss of balance (Zecevic et al., 2006). Approximately, 28% to 35% older adults age 65 years and older fall each year (WHO, 2007). Around 85% of these falls occurs in the home among older adults living independently (TideiksaarRead MoreEvaluation Of An Initial Assessment952 Words   |  4 Pagesdevelopment of several chronic diseases and secondary he alth conditions. Gait, Balance and Functional Mobility: †¢ Timed Up and Go, assesses client’s functional ability and can also provide information regarding gait pattern. †¢ Balance Assessment, double leg stance and progress to single leg stance. †¢ Mobility Assessment (Community Balance and Mobility Scale). †¢ Independence in gait and the presence of any gait abnormalities and differences between the (L) and (R) side. †¢ Stair test. Active RangeRead MoreRickets : Causes And Effects866 Words   |  4 Pagesreportable disease in the United States. There are different types of Rickets. Nutritional which is caused by an inadequate sunlight exposure or inadequate intake of vitamin D, calcium or phosphorus. It is uncommon in the United States, however, it can still occur, especially if the infant is breast fed, is dark skinned or has limited sunlight exposure. It usually presents itself within the first two years of life with short stature, gait abnormality, and developmental delay. Infants younger than sixRead More Patalogy of the Central Nevrvous System: Multiple Sclerosis1213 Words   |  5 Pagesof those with the disease there are oligodronal bands on electroporesis. Of these exams MRI testing is the most specific and sensitive, because it allows visualization of MS lesions. Other symptoms that can be assessed are slurred speech, abnormal gait, intention tremor, and paroxysmal paralysis. Finally, decreased ve locity conduction of visual and auditory somatosensory pathways can aid in the diagnosing of MS (pp. 397- 398). Treatments Multiple sclerosis is a chronic autoimmune disorder that hasRead MoreThe Parkinson s Disease ( Pd )1058 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction The Parkinson s disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer s disease (Lang and Lozano, 1998). It affects about 1% of the population with different ethnic backgrounds throughout the world over the age of 65 (Tanner and Goldman, 1996). The aetiology of Parkinson s disease is not well understood; however, genetic and environmental factors are thought to play a role (Checkoway and Nelson, 1999). Pathologically, PD is characterised by mitochondrialRead MoreParkinson s No Longer Happens But Is Inherited1181 Words   |  5 PagesIntracellular inclusions, Lewy bodies, and dopaminergic neuronal loss effect Parkinson’s disease. In 5–10% of Parkinson’s cases, they are familial and transmitted in either an autosomal-dominant or an autosomal-recessive fashion. (Gandhi, 2010) Mutations, Abnormalities, and Effects. Genes such as PARK2, PARK, PARK7 and PARK9, are the mutated genes that cause the development of autosomal-recessive Parkinson’s. The name given to distinguish between the recessive, dominant, and idiopathic forms is Juvenile Parkinson’s

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Six Key Priorities for Execution of Deliberate Innovation - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 7 Words: 1989 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Business Essay Type Narrative essay Level High school Did you like this example? INTRODUCTION Every business has its own priorities depending upon its size means whether it is a small scale business or a large scale business. The resources they have, made them realize what their strengths are and what are their weaknesses. Below are the six key priorities, I consider, for execution of the deliberate innovation for small scale business. (14 Most important Innovation factors, 2009) Project definition and Visioning: When we begin any project, we utilize the procedure of visioning to evaluating what we need accomplishment to look like and to get it going. Without visioning, ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s not difficult to be dragged around weights and issues, however with it we are lifted to a more positive vitality. An efficient visioning must be inspirational, deliberately sound, documented and effectively communicated It is very much important that it is very much clear from the beginning that what we are going to do, how it will change the things and what will be the final impact. Why we need visioning: A clear visioning is required. An image of the win of a plan or an assignment at a specific time in the future should be very clear. It is not strategic planning which tells us where to go. Visioning here actually is the real destination. A clear visioning is a vibrant explanation of what à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“achievement or successà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  looks like and how it feels to us. It includes from the development of the product and its functions, product design, quality, functions, and its price and profit ratio to its marketing. Productà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s technical specification and technological knowledge is also included. Vision further follows by problem solving techniques is a significant skill for business or personal life. Decision making is an integral part of problem solving which a leader or business man has to consider while visioning his goal. (Weinzweig, 2008) Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Six Key Priorities for Execution of Deliberate Innovation" essay for you Create order Market Segmentation and Targeting: Market Segmentation includes gathering your different customers into portions that have basic needs or will react comparatively to a showcasing activity. Each one fragment will react to an alternate advertising blend methodology, with each one offering exchange development and benefit opportunities. Some diverse ways you can fragment your business incorporate has below; Demographics which concentrates on the qualities of the client. For instance age, sex, salary section, instruction, employment and social foundation. Psychographics which alludes to the client bunchs way of life. For instance, their social class, way of life, identity, presumptions, and disposition. Conduct which is focused around client conduct. For instance, online customers, strip mall clients, brand inclination and former buys. Land area, for example, landmass, nation, state, region, city or provincial that the client gathering dwells. Target Marketing includes breaking a business sector into portions and after that focusing your advertising only on those set portions those can be served by your product. The excellence of target market is that it makes the marketing cost and distribution of the product and/or other marketing process easy and less expensive. It gives a center to the majority of your marketing part. In short it is the selection of group of customers to tap and aim to market their product. The best way to choose the target market is: (Sales, 2013) Market drill: It is necessary to find out what people are looking for. What kind of features, advantages they are expecting from a product. It can be done by conducting survey. Once you have the knowledge of what is the need of the customer now you can serve them better and move to next stage of your product development. Who else can be benefitted from our product: For example if we are in a food industry and launching takeaway which segment of the population can be benefitted e.g. students, working professionals who donà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t have time to cook and rely on takeaways. Positioning of the product: It is the showcasing movement and methodology of distinguishing a business opportunity, and creating an answer focused around statistical surveying, division and supporting information. Positioning may allude the position a business has decided to do their advertising and business destinations. Positioning identifies with methodology, in the particular or strategic improvement eliminates of convey a target to accomplish a business or associations objectives, for example, expanding deals volume, brand distinguishment, or reach in promoting. In very simple words, positioning of the product is the decision of selecting the best possible way to launch the product in the target market. (Kriss, 2011) Product positioning essentials: Positioning puts the most significant impact on a customers purchasing choice. Positioning makes a product a brand and makes a perception in the minds of customers. Individuals dont effectively or eagerly alter their opinions around an items perception. Positioning must first exhibit an items importance, utilizing supportable, sound, and verifiable terms Making the item less demanding to purchase through successful positioning makes the item simpler to offer. For example: The launch of Green tea in India by Tetley. Background of the example: India has black tea drinking population and the re-launch of Green tea was a big risk as earlier Tetley a British beverage company whom itself no one knows in India proved to be flopped. But the way they positioned the green tea this time was a successful venture. To make the tea a brand they joined with Indiaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s one of the most loved company à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Tataà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  and launched the tea naming it à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Tataà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s Tetley Green Teaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ . Not only that to get more attention they took Bollywood actress Karina Kapoor as their brand ambassador. (Manve, 2014) Positioning further includes how we will market our product. Do we also hire a celebrity to launch our product as in our case we are small scale business and canà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t afford it. So what else we can do. Either we will advertise on television, radio or both or put posters, banners around the city say at public places like bus stations. The decisions are very much significant because it is very important that people must know our product exists and soon going to be launched in the market. The best example we can see is the Appleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s iPhone. They are best in the style, by making people curious about their new launch and make them buy even before they launch their product by pre-orders and bookings. Pre- Development and feasibility: Idea itself cost nothing but an idea in action off course. It is very important to check that our project is feasible. Feasible here means project can be accomplished in the terms of its operations either internal or external, in the terms of its finance, in the terms of its legality or any other way that need to consider accomplishing it. Further it is important to see what clients are looking for. What they are expecting from the innovation. The expectation of the stakeholders and entrepreneur itself are very important and plays a pivotal part in the success of the project. The entrepreneurial style of the entrepreneur, his determination, his own and his team commitment, creativity need to consider and prioritize. It can be further checked by looking in the past, if the same kind of plan or project anyone else has taken and executed. If yes, we can do a case study and best way is to answer the following questions by our own. Questions are; When and where it was taken and executed? What was the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s strength and weakness? What marketing strategies did they follow? Were they successful? Were they achieved what they actually wanted to achieve? What were the customerà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s reactions? Did they welcome the product? It is very important to learn from the past and anticipate in future. Competitors and Innovation: There is no other thought that competition results in innovation. Today is stiff competitive world. This increment in general collection and more centered achievement will make it more worrying for organizations of all sizes to hold clients who can change their suppliers with the click of a mouse. Its a combat of observation, center, and promoting. Entrepreneurs who expert these components and give an incredible client experience will win the deal. To make a customer happy and satisfied is no doubt is the every companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s goal but competition cannot be ignored at any point. Everyone is in the race to capture the market by their product portfolio. Products come and go depend upon the customer taste and respond to them and businesses continuously make changes to their existing product or come up with new products to retain the customers. We have oodles of examples of competition in the field of innovation. Letà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s talk about Apple and Samsung: à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“The 2 Horse Smart phone raceà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  (Ramstad, 2012) Both the companies are facing cut throat completion from each other and known as war of technology giants. How these companies are continuously launching their new smart phones one after another with added features and new functions to tap the market. The latest innovative war is going between the recently launched Appleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. (Eadicicco, 2014) Culture: No matter how much efforts or cost you are putting in your innovation. No matter how superior the quality of your products. No matter how much different and multiple uses, features your product have. No matter, how much cost effective it is. If it is simply does not suits the culture of your market. It is also very much important to consider the culture while prioritizing your innovation drivers. Example: Failure of KFC in India before of cultural barriers Background: Everyone knows Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). No doubt they have professionals with them. They have huge investment, strong strategies, business planning but what happened, why still they failed in India, was only and only the cultural factors. The very first Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) store was opened in Bangalore in the mid-1990s. The people were not aware of globalization. The very first hurdle was the locals protested about the brands itself and about the company to be a transnational origins. At the initial stage it was only the KFCs background which seems too foreign to the locals but the food itself. The chicken and the packaging they offered were too unfamiliar/foreign for Indian flavor. And unfortunately, in just few years, Yum brand has to close all of its KFC restaurants in India. They did not re-enter in the marked with their brand until 2004. The company has to be very conscious about th e culture of the locals and has to be market-savvy. After the research, they re-launched the brand but this time, they came up with a vegetarian menu that comprise of rice food, wraps and side vegetarian dishes. Not only that, they came up with eggless mayonnaise and other sauces. Even their brand name or trade mark dishes were totally given a new and local flavor by giving them a name on Indian spices and Indian cooking recipes. REFERENCE 14 Most important Innovation factors. (2009, August 8). Retrieved from Definition: How you differentiate your product or service from that of your competitors and then determine which market niche to fill. (n.d.). Retrieved from Eadicicco, L. (2014, October 5). How The iPhone 6 Compares To Its Biggest Android Rival, Samsungs Galaxy S5. Retrieved from ne-6-samsung-galaxy-s5-specs-comparison-2014-10 Egan, M. (2014, October 8). iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 comparison: great build, great performance, great camera. And thats both handsets. Retrieved from Kriss. (2011, May 2). Developing and Marketing Products. Retrieved from Manve, V. (2014, January 21). Tata beverages re-launches Tetley green tea with Kareena Kapoor as ambassador. Retrieved from Ramstad, E. (2012, April 24). Retrieved from Sales, G. (2013, July 24). How Identify Your Ecommerce Target Market. Retrieved from Weinzweig, A. (2008, September). Why and how visioning wor ks. Retrieved from

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Literary Figures Of The 20th Century - 1295 Words

Macayla Jefferis Williams Writing 301 29 September 2015 Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is not the most well-known author, but his characters are perhaps some of the most iconic literary figures of the nineteenth century. Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson, Professor Moriarty, and even Mrs. Hudson are all familiar to readers and non-readers world-wide. Over the course of his career, Conan Doyle published more than 50 short stories and novels about the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Doctor John Watson. Holmes’s popularity was so great that, after killing him in a desire to move forward with other projects, Conan Doyle was forced by distraught fans, including his own mother, to resurrect the character. Holmes’s fame has continued to grow, particularly due to the variety of adaptions to the stage, film, and other mediums. Organizations such as the Baker Street Irregulars, the Conan Doyle Literary Estate, and numerous Sherlock Holmes Societies are comprised of book lovers who adore Conan Doyleâ€℠¢s particular brand of detective fiction, from casual readers to devoted scholars. Together, these readers have worked to to analyze his works, share ideas, and apply Holmes to the real world. Like all literature, the Holmes stories are open to interpretation and analysis. Readers of all levels of scholarship and devotion have poured countless hours into examining every last detail in hopes of finding some new detail or something to unlock an additionalShow MoreRelatedThe Lewis s Place As A Twentieth Century Writer1286 Words   |  6 PagesTwentieth-Century Writer During the 100 years between the year 1901 and the year 2000 C.S Lewis was not only able to inspire the Christians of his time, but he was able to cause social change by addressing the issues of his time through literature. As seen in many of his works, such as The Abolition of Man, The Problem of Pain, and, The Chronicles of Narnia, Lewis used to the influence he had over his readers to advocate for the important problems with society during the 20th century. This includedRead MoreSummary : Professional Accomplishments Essay1637 Words   |  7 PagesSaramago. Thesis supervisor: dr. hab. BogusÅ‚aw Bednarek, University of WrocÅ‚aw. 1996-2001 – Doctoral Studies, Programme in Bibliology, Linguistics and Literary Science, University of WrocÅ‚aw, initially in the Culture Theory Research Unit, under the academic auspices of prof. dr. hab. Jerzy JastrzÄ™bski; from the second academic year – in the Literary Theory Research Unit. 2002 – PhD (doktor) in the humanities, based on the thesis: Gnosis and Literature. Motifs, threads, interpretative models. DoctoralRead MoreSympathy And Empathy For The Murderer954 Words   |  4 PagesWright depicts his community’s suffering, poverty and denial of rightful recognition in his works. Wright’s Native Son not only represents history with sociopolitical factors, but also has excellent literary value. Firstly, Wright incredibly reveals how African Americans’ lives were and how 20th century America society affected them. The main character, Bigger Thomas, signifies African American’s circumstances and his revolt against the discriminations of the white society.  He lives in a dingy apartmentRead MoreRomanticism : Romanticism And Romanticism1141 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout history, there have been many literary movements. Although Romanticism and Modernism differ in their styles, values, and ideology, they were both important periods in literature. Romanticism was a literary movement during the late 18th century until the early 19th century that had an emphasis on the imagination and emotions. The movement moved through every country in Europe, Latin America, and the United States from approximately 1750 to 1870. However, France did not see the movementRead MoreThe Vampire in Folklore vs the Vampire in Literature1139 Words   |  5 Pagescivilization to, Bram Stocker’s literary vampire; where the vampire had become the heroic figure and had to be blamed for all the victims that had past. Both of these are based on the Penguin English definition of a vampire but how is it that the vampire today has changed so drastically from the one people feared in legends and folklore. One can say that the vampire in literature has mainly influenced the vampire we see today in movies. The vampire seen in movies of the 20th century differs from the vampireRead MoreFigurative Language And The Language1305 Words   |  6 PagesThus, the re are different types of linguistic phenomena, one of which is figurative language. It is a person’s way to saturate the mind with profound thoughts centered around its meaning. It has an interesting background, covers a wide array of literary devices, is applied within different types of writing, and people employ these devices within their daily language. Figurative language is a constructive way to communicate ideas using expressions, unlike its opposite idea which is literal interpretationsRead MoreExistentialism And The Beliefs Of The Movement1454 Words   |  6 Pagesthe individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will and how it shifted a culture. Existentialism is a philosophical idea within ethics that was developed in the 19th century and progressed heavily into the 20th century. Some basic foundational ideas of existentialism are found in early Buddhist and Christian writings, which may have been the starting point for the movement. Also, like existentialism’s previous philosophical ideas that cameRead MoreAnalysis of The Escape865 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of the story â€Å"The Escape† by W.S. Maugham William Somerset Maugham is one of the best known English writers of the 20th century. He was not only a novelist, but also a one of the most successful dramatist and short-story writers. Maugham wants the readers to draw their own conclusion about the characters and events described in his novels. His reputation as a novelist is based on the following prominent books: â€Å"Of Human Bondage†; â€Å"The Moon and Sixpence†; and â€Å"The Razors Edge†. ThoughRead MoreEssay on Contrasting Yeats’ Second Coming and Shelleys Ozymandias634 Words   |  3 PagesOzymandias      Ã‚   William Butler Yeats specialized in the early Modernists style of literature.   Coming just out of the Late Victorian age, Yeats used strong literary and historic elements in literary form to evoke his symbolic message in The Second Coming.   Through the use of his theme of the new Apocalypse, (lecture notes on Early 20th Century Modernism) he imagined the world was coming into a state of unsurity from the post-WWI Modernist experience.   The war left people in a state of chaos, andRead MoreThe Movements of the 20th Century Culture Essay1170 Words   |  5 Pagesthe most important events that occurred in the 20th century? A century that was full of many innovations; most importantly, these events made a tremendous impact in our lives as of today. The 20th century contributed an abundance of improvements to our culture. In addition, the progressions of the advancement helped society lives to better, such as the industrialization, the remarkable inventions that made our lives easier. Nevertheless, the 20th century presented a copious amount of remarkable artists

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Question: Discuss about the Source of Learning and Development. Answer: Introduction: Learning is one of the most important aspects that a large number of individuals fully reveal the value of. Parents and many advisors express to young individuals the importance of learning, since when they are young as they intent to ensure that they grow understanding the importance of education. A major challenge that many individuals face in the process for their learning is the learning experience issues. When the learning experience is defines as good, people have more need and will to learn more an aspect that makes them even more effective in their learning experience and the will to develop their understanding of different academic topics. This aspect is similar even for the case of the higher learning institutions where an individuals learning experience defines their willingness to learn more and improve their studies appropriately. Evaluate the effectiveness and your usefulness of the learning experience The learning experience simply refers to any time that an individual manage to learn in his or her learning experiences. In any setting where learning takes place, therefore, learning experience is included. It is simply the feel that an individual has when he or she is learning. An individual experiences a good learning experience or a bad one depending on the setting of learning and his or her willingness to learn. From my opinion, learning experience is in most cases good when individuals are willing to learn and have the motivation that they need to learn in a much better way. With this regard, therefore, the first and most important aspect of learning that all students should seek as they aim to improve their learning experience is the motivation to learn. When an individual is highly motivated to involve in any activity in their lives, he or she enjoys involving in that activity. With this regard, therefore, individuals that are highly motivated to learn have the best learning experience. The motivation to involve in learning defines the learning experience that an individual will experience in all his learning activities (Feuerstein, Klein, Tannenbaum, 1994). Learning experience is of significant importance to all individuals. A large number of individuals study for a significantly long period in their lives. Calculating the minimum age of an individual who has managed to attain the higher learning institution qualifications like a bachelors degree for example, 20 years is among the least age groups that majority have. For such an individual, he or she began studies when only about seven to eight years old and proceeds on with learning until the age of twenty. A minimum of twelve learning is years is thus the number of years that such a student would have to spend before completing school. When the learning experience has been bad for such an individual all along, it would imply that he or she has had twelve years of stress and straining in studies, mostly because his or her learning experience is bad. In many cases, individuals that experience learning experience issues have problems managing to complete studies successfully and performi ng well, since they are less motivated to involve in school work and remain completely motivated in the work that they involve in (Bryman, Bell, 2015). The learning experience will be of significant use to me, since it is likely to determine my motivation and will to continue with my studies even after completing the current course. When an individual enjoys involving in an activity, he or she feels the need to continue with that activity even after completing its first phase. The learning experience will help me determine whether I will continue with my studies for other programs after I complete my current program or not. The current learning experience will also help me attain a clear understanding of all the concepts that are taught in class and those that I require to carry out my personal research in an effective manner. With this regard, the learning experience will be of significant benefit to me, since it will help me manage to become completely qualified and skilled in the areas under study (Kolb, 2014). Describe objectively what happened in the learning process In the learning process, I managed to obtain significant skills and knowledge about the topic under study. The process began in the initial stages of the introduction of the topic and proceeded on to the stages of research and discussions about the topic with my peers. Throughout each one of these stages, I managed to obtain new and more knowledge about the topic under study, an aspect that emerged to be highly beneficial to my understanding of the content and its importance. With this regard, therefore, the learning experience is the reason why I have attained skills and managed to understand all the aspects of the topic at hand. Research is another important aspect of this process that was significantly beneficial to my understanding and my learning of the topics required. Through research, I managed to understand even more concepts than what was required in the course, mostly because in it, I managed to obtain literal sources that were describing concepts that were slightly different than what was required in the course. This information increased my understanding and knowledge and also helped me understand the topic under study in a much better way (Mehrotra, Wagner, Fried, 2009). Evaluate what you learn The business research learning process was one major topic of my learning experience that was significantly beneficial and appropriate in the learning process. I regard the topic of business research as highly useful and appropriate because currently, individuals utilize the skills that they learn in school in business organizations either as employees or as the owners of the business. The topic is therefore highly motivating to learn more and understand about businesses and the means through which they operate in an appropriate manner to maintain profitability and effectiveness, since this knowledge will be significantly beneficial after completing the course. People prefer to invest their skills and capabilities after school in business organizations because in these organizations, their efforts are rewarded by the profits that business organizations obtain. The research in this topic and the learning experience, therefore helped me attain more information of the world of business and how it operates (Collis, Hussey, 2014). The aspect of having the research under study being business research was highly motivating and thus it encouraged me to ensure that I carried out a thorough research study with all the steps of carrying out research being fully followed. Due to this reason, therefore, I did not only learn about the topic under study but also increased my research process skills in the process. Since I ensured that I would carry out research in the most appropriate way, I learned every aspect of research that an individual requires to learn. This aspect is highly beneficial, since currently, I can manage to carry out any other research study appropriately with similar steps that I used to research on the business research topic and still manage to obtain sufficient knowledge and understanding on the topic under study. My learning process is completely defined by the learning motivation that I have. When I am fully motivated to learn on any topic, I ensure that I cover all aspects of the topic deeply to enhance my understanding of the same. In a case where I am studying a topic that I am not completely motivated to study, I ensure that I cover all the important details of the topic which will help me understand what is required depending on the level of study that I am in. I however do not put the extra effort to learn more about the topic regarding the other aspects that I am not required to learn. I therefore ensure that for the topics that I am not very much motivated to learn, I only put sufficient efforts to learn what is required but for the topics that I am completely willing to learn more about, I ensure that I learn even more than what was required to enhance my understand. Explain Plan how this learning you will applied The learning that I obtained from the business research topic is of significant importance to me. Through it, I obtained sufficient knowledge and understanding of different aspects regarding business operations and the means through which these aspects can be applied in business settings to ensure that individuals manage to retain high levels of effectiveness in their operations. I also clarified many business issues and processes by the knowledge that I obtained in the learning, and thus I increased my confidence in operating effectively in the business world. With this knowledge, I am now able to offer effective skills and services to businesses and also have the potential to start my own business organization in future and make it completely profitable. The learning that I obtained from this research and other learning experiences will therefore help me manage to secure myself a well-paying job in future, or begin a profit making venture that will help me manage to remain complete ly effective in the activities that I will be involving in effectively (Jankowicz, 1995). 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